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Fresh fish & seafood


Our logistics set-up is unique and we can deliver up to 6 times a week as needed

Naturally our few business partners within fresh fish and shellfish are IFS certified at the highest level – in that way we can ensure the best quality assurance through the whole supply chain.

Below you can see selection of the products that we can delivery as private label or in a design that we agree upon.

The range of products are continuously developed.

We also work with ASC and MSC certified products on several of the products mentioned below and new products and labelling are continuously added.



The range of products within the fresh fish consist of a variety of fish species. The range of products will continuously be supplemented and extended depending on the seasons. Furthermore, we can supply an exciting assortment of shellfish which are MAP packed to ensure optimal taste and shelf life.
In both range of products there are a large growth potential.

Organic salmon fillet,
portions or sides

Salmon fillet pieces,
portions or sides

Fillet of plaice

Fillet of codfish or loins

Skinned plaices

Chopped minced fish meat

Chopped minced salmon
and codfish meat

Fish cakes (mini or large)

Salmon cakes (mini or large)

Herring fillets

Garlic marinated tiger prawn

Boiled crab claws

Shell shrimps

Blue mussels

Whole Norwegian salmon side (with or without spices or beech dust bag) packed on vacuum plate

Grill marinated products from pangasius, 
codfish and salmon e.g. on spits 

We have a lot of products suited for the different seasons.
We both take the fish season as well as the different sales feasts into account

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Contact Nikolaj Bejer for more information

Nikolaj has worked for more international chain stores and was previous the CEO of a fish production company.

I can see the possibilities of both parties and through more business partners we can deliver a wide and exiting assortment, specifically adjusted to your needs.

Fresh fish has a lot of innovation possibilities. And we have also build a logistic set-up that ensures an effective production and delivery.

Contact me with your needs and we will help you find the best possibilities.